A secret to be told

We’ve all heard of myths and legends about gods who could fly, death ones who could be bought back to life and ones who live forever life. These tales are considered impossible these days, many have given up on the idea itself that there was such a thing once. The ones who believe , do not believe wholeheartedly , hardly will you run into a man who says such things were possible . Last night me and my family were talking about how Hindu pandits used to pray to god for 10 – 15 years on freezing mountains without food or water. I , of course said it was biologically impossible but my parents had another say.  According to them, it is possible to gain energy from a source besides food, being something like sunlight or beyond. Though , obviously I still didn’t believe them then I asked them further. They told me that once men used to be very tall, about 7 or 8 feet and lived upto 500 years, all very fascinating yet hard to digest. People during that time knew how to use their body , we all did but as the knowledge was only known to some, it soon became a myth. Men were very developed during that time, about 7 million years ago, an Indian legend states that a vehicles like a helicopter or a flying object was used, many archaeologists prove it to be a real theory. In the same story it was said an army of monkeys built a bridge from India to Sri Lanka using stones just by making them float. It is claimed scientifically impossible! But the bridge still exists. The 2 monkeys who thought of the idea were actually brilliant engineers, they knew the the river’s structure  wouldn’t let the stones sink. They’re engineering and scientific mind is a wonder even in the 21st century, the bridge being 35,000 years old. Today, the story is shifted apart from the logical perspective to the dramatic one,  It is said they wrote the god Ram ji’s name on the stones , which made them float making it hard for anyone to believe. Speaking of monkeys, they used to be our size back then and very powerful, powerful enough to lift a mountain. There’s another legend that when one god , Hanuman ji was asked to find a certain medical plant species that he couldn’t find, he lifted the whole mountain and took it to the place where medication was required. Today a mountain is seen in Sri Lanka with absolutely different vegetation and fauna to the landscaping surroundings. It is completely out of place, like a beach in the middle of  Antarctica,  Imagine that! We believed we’re the most developed generation, people were far more developed, far more intelligent than us back then. We have let our minds believe that today, the moment we’re living is the most modern. People could communicate with their minds before , they could be miles away and receive a message from someone without even talking to them, an in-built-phone! We’ve changed the tale into something like a mom understanding or feeling their child’s pain from miles away, again over-dramatizing it and making it a myth. We’ve only discovered or tried to understand life on one planet: MARS, in one galaxy among the trazillions (not sure thats a number) , in fact sure life, is possible and we’re sitting here in one dot in the entire universe in one planet in one continent in one country , in one state, in one city, in one street , in one house saying we’re the most developed generation, like are we stupid?  Or are we so blind to our world that we actually believe these facts?! We haven’t necessarily developed over the years , we’ve actually gone back, spoiled our planet and are looking for a bounce back by searching for life in other planets and then what? the same thing all over again?  The methods, the secrets of these ways were  only to told to those who could use it, who were good, who were gods and now there may be a 1% chance, someone on this planet knows how to activate these powers.There are books written , theories said but is anyone actually willing? NO why? Because it a myth ,that’s why. fragile-x-myths_456px.jpg


It may be too much to take in and you may still not believe it but if you had told someone in 1720’s that you could talk to someone over a device without a string half the world away or be able to have a device to make things cold or heat them , have a thing called the internet where in touch of one button you can talk to literally anyone, they’d probably admit you into a mental hospital and call you crazy, question is ARE YOU CRAZY ENOUGH?


your wake-up call

Did you ever just look at the early morning sun rays and realise its a spotlight for you to stage another day?
Made those scrambled eggs and just felt that eager, happy hunger for breakfast though it’s the same you eat everyday
Even without your coffee you seem to carry all the breezing winds with you
Felt that light breeze in your face while listening to your playlist canstock26778531

Had a skip in your steps and a dancing light in your eyes
opened the door of your workplace with the feet of a dancer
And hummed the most cheeriest of tunes
its just that day you don’t worry about all the work at your desk
Or those bad picture days
You just want to break free from your ordinary days and live these words
Nothing in the world can stop you from believing these mirrors  each day
To reaching your heights of mental
Just let go of your worries and your worries will let go of you
even if it feels impossible at times

you can push yourself a bit in those moments where you can’t take it any longer,

be your own kind of


Danger is just a lie

I can’t promise you that you’ll become knowledgeable or caring or any of that mushy stuff  during your bad times, or that they’ll change your life, but I can tell you this: They will make you understanding. You may not express concern for everyone but you UNDERSTAND their concern.

In fact, to add up to the list, I’m not even sure you’ll learn anything from your bad moments. Only some understand how important it is to embrace the  off switch  as the on switch while some just wait for the light to turn on , YET they still know how it feels to stand in the darkness as much as anyone.

The important thing to understand now and here because admit it or not, this is something  that you cannot escape: These bad moments. You can pray for lesser ones , ignore as many as you can , try to jump over these days but in no way can you delete them. They will come and  they will stay. No one on this planet has ever lived a perfect starting to ending life, and no-one ever will.

You will face challenges, obstacles, barriers and at some point STOP signs and I’m not telling you to learn, appreciate, develop and all that, all I’m telling you, in fact informing you is that you have to accept the moments as your own.

Don’t take these moments or days as “those days” but as a part of your life.

The only universal truth is accepting, cause once you can do that you can understand , you will still cry during these times, be over-stressed, hope to be a kid once again but you have to understand  that no matter how hard you push, you ARE going to get bad times and rough roads and that they are not going away! ,

You need to  take a step forward ,say C’est la vie and move on cause those  moments which were  happy, cherishable, beautiful or even normal are slipping though your hands and instead of embracing them you are stressing over your rough paths. If you think about those days you laughed and life seemed beautiful,

you MIGHT be able to make through these rough times with a  calm mind.

So live on BE BRAVE and remember avoiding risks aern’t gonna decrease your bad or disappointing days, it doesn’t affect them AT ALL! 

As for danger, danger is like a trap for those who are foolish enough to avoid it. You will be safe from DANGER if you choose to look inside the hole and see the depth of it instead of walking away and never-knowing . Because honestly danger is not a fear,  risk or an obstacle even, because really..


DANGER is just a lie.

another day, another feeling

Everyday we tend to sleep or wake up with some feelings, when we’re excited or nervous we notice it but on ordinary days we don’t really care about what tomorrow holds. There are times when I sleep thinking of tomorrow as a disastrous day  or a boring one. To make my point obvious, its not very comforting and to tell the truth often times I’m confused about feeling what I’m feeling.

Each day there’s some element we look forward to that gives us a picture of that day and then the emotions follow. So, if I think of tomorrow I’m thinking of swimming practise in the morning and math test. The rest of the day is going to be about the same as others, right?


Each day we go through atleast one ritual thats repeated , like classes and lunch at some time for students, a boring morning  meeting for businessmen or maybe just texting good night to your mom, these everyday rituals become so usual to us, they lose value. This usually ends up in them losing their emotions.In the first few days of school, I might feel excited for my new classes but after a few days , its just another day.

What we have done is stopped living in the moment ; I’m a controlled person and like to keep thinking about the next thing I’m gonna do after what I’m just doing all the time ,but its not just me a lot of my friends (and students) keep asking the time till the class ends during the class, and the next class after lunch during lunch , now its not a bad thing to have your life organised but we’re losing the value of things in the present until slowly we’re emotionless to them.

There’s just one simple solution to this, and I’m not gonna say this like an old Buddhist monk like “concentrate, child , concentrate” but whats true is true, we need to concentrate more, stop living your life like a timetable, its much more complex, beautiful and mixed up than just an order of events.

With each day, let your emotions flow

don’t attend one part of your day wondering about the next part and the other wondering again tomorrow of the first.

If you let yourself be attached to these little and passingly unnoticeable things in your life , first by force,  you will start loving these parts of your life by choice.

So let your emotions drive for some time until your mind catches up atleast.

how to find inspiration

I haven’t written for a while now,  mostly cause I didn’t know what to write. I was using inspiration as an excuse to escape writing something which wouldn’t  strike out reading , then it occurred to me , I didn’t have to write something for the sake of writing. I just had to follow MY inspiration.

But what is inspiration to all of us? Google describes it as The  process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. 

The way we have pictured and imagined inspiration is something creative, innovative , BRILLIANT!

But inspiration isn’t a belief or thought , it is an ideal. The way we see the world, understand it ,  … it is our inspiration! Whether you’re reading this on your phone or laptop right now , just for a second look up , UNDERSTAND , COMPREHEND, APPRENDRE (French) the scene going on before you in your own words. If you see your family , friends even strangers walking around, cooking , working , talking , don’t just discard it as a usual activity, ACKNOWLEDGE ( I hope you’re taking notes, I’m not holding the shift button for a long time for no reason).

Honestly, humour lies everywhere , once you become alien to the universe , stop getting in the flow, passing everything as normal  and START QUESTIONING , do you understand how you’re wasting these moments like broken jewels .

There are times when you feel like you’re going in cycles , just doing about the same thing again and again. In fact, just by  thinking, something like this, we get stressed and really annoyed. If you take the time to write each day out and actually go through the moments you laughed in, people you hugged , moments you shared, will you understand inspiration is flying past you like air, its invisible and often we forget its there but its persistent existence is absolutely necessary and worthy to notice . For just like air it is also something that drives you and gives you life.

SO, to sum it up,

how to FIND inspiration?                                                                                                                     well, you can’t.                                                                                                                                                  you can’t find something thats hiding just in front of your eyes. We’ve all been given different souls, different bodies and automatically we see the world through different lenses.

Inspiration  is YOUR lense, it can’t be defined , memorised , served to you in a platter. Its the beauty when your imagination meets reality. The only way I can tell you to seek inspiration in this very moment is to take out a pen and write, WRITE whatever you understand of anything , be it a garbage can or a carpet , it doesn’t matter.

JUST WRITE , with a lipstick, pencil, crayon whatever! for if this idea, this inspiration is lost, it will NEVER be thought of , written  , spoken like you. It will for as long as this universe exists will be lost. SO don’t ask me how to find inspiration or how to create it, if you have to ask, then ask me how to desire it. Cause if you can desire it , you can create  .

Inspiration isn’t an innovation. of new ideas , its the realisation of them.


when you get to the hymns of the hour

1st July 2017, Seville

These days that I’ve described are what you would call the bustling and exciting life of a tourist. But the real, actual calming experience to gather the real essence of a country, is to be part of one a.k.a be one to the nation not OF the nation. Ok, in simple terms be a RESIDENT. NO! not like Get a citizenship or something but flow in the same beat as everyone else. And today I decided to do just that.To start off the morning with a hop, skip and a run , me and dad decided to run alongside a lake  River called guada grover… yup, it took almost forever but it had its perks. I discovered this beautiful lighthouse that had a cold air to it. Turns out it used to attract ships with its light and then CHAIN THEM! to get hold of their fortune and riches! It was something like rapunzel’s tower, so pretty and magically hidden yet the inner space was like a death chamber.On the way back we saw castles and an Indian historical archive , it all felt like a walk through history, the next thing left to see were probably kings dressed in robs and huge crowns! To see more of this city’s TODAY side, we went visiting its lovely bakeries, nothing like the scents of a bakery🥐🍰🍮🍩🍶 ! I could go on with the emojis and we also visited the malls , and get this. This city may look like Ancient Rome but in its fashion sense It was 20 DECADES ahead, no kidding. The city looked like  an old, wise elegant character but had a smart, straightforward and stylish personality. A little later in the evening we headed to a famous park but ended up discovering a whole different place all by itself , It was like a sweet hidden one with its little pools and pigeons.We then headed to Christopher Columbus’s tomb which later turned out to be his monument. His tomb was inside a place called Alkazar which was closed. A little disappointed though ,it was beautiful nevertheless, with his boat handcrafted in the middle it was like the leaning yet not leaning tower of Spain.8230SPAN

Still strolling on the streets we discovered a place that looked like it had been cut from London and pasted in Seville. With the boats and castles and the wedding season going on, I would call this extremely fairytalistic.( thats probably not a word).espana palza.jpg

Look at it, its absolutely majestic. It turned out to be the real Parque actually.🤣 AlSo my sister dropped a bag on someone from a floor above, which though was at that time a What?! moment, was pretty hilarious.We came back, I put my earplugs on and ended this day.Then woke up listening. to my favourite song and started dancing. I AM weird but then again, “Things made in the most weirdest of ways are always the most interesting to taste”. Toodlez!

I lost my heart in Madrid

This day was a bittersweet one, I woke up trying to tell myself again and again, “it’s going to be wonderful”, “be positive” I repeated it to myself in my sleep as well! You see today was the day we were leaving Madrid…., NO! wait not leaving Spain, just the city and exploring further to Seville. Now, I’m a person who’s hands down totally for change, I’m change for this world  myself, but just in 3 days I had grown to treat this city like my own cozy cove and everyone groans when they’re sleeping warmly in their fuzzy blankets and someone just drags it off you, and all you’re left with is that shivering cold wind . Still, with a dramatic goodbye I unlike anyone else  who greets the city i surprised it by yelling ,“get ready to love me SEVILLE!”. Anyway back to the order of events, while waiting for our car to arrive  we hung around and enjoyed the pleasure of viewing, perhaps the most beautiful railway station on the planet. It looked like a Hogwarts train station or something right out of an old elegant story.Later, we caught our ride with a wonderful man who was going to the city to visit his family. We drove for about 5 hours, stopping to catch a breath or just adore the views. I basically ate cookies , looked outside and slept.The moment (and this may sound something right out of a movie) I stepped in Seville I knew it was made for me! We stationed ourselves in ‘hotel cervante’ named after the famous guy “Miguel de Cervantes” who  wrote THE first book after being released from jail  after three years for being accused of taking extra money as a tax retailer, turning out to be his only job option due to his left arm being unusable.He does look funny though! After breathing the same air as everyone due to our tiring trip we took a tour of this enchanting city famous for its traditional flamenco. We saw old council buildings, the places where flamenco evolutionalized and even a church that was rebuilt 3 times by three different religious kings! Its the third largest church in the world and rather magical, if I must. At the end of the tour, we saw the best flamenco performance in town which was heart-throbbingly stunning. I literally blinked at least a hundred times (which is saying a lot) as the dancer stomped on the floor so hard.maxresdefault-3.jpgThe guitar was melodically beated , one that made you pick up shakers and dance along. The singer was one who knew how to deliver, he was someone that could wake you up from the deepest of your sleeps and made you listen!! The dancer herself was a fierce one, her expression and devotion to the art shined on her face clearly. It’s a  fact you know that on flamenco show is never as same as the other, it always changes ,ALWAYS, depending on the artist’s moods. I don’t know how were their moods that day but by the looks of it, they seemed more joyful than the audience itself! After the whole day we roamed around and saw Rapunzel 2 in Spanish, (you can understand a lot you know) and after rounds and rounds of coffee finally dozed off. Sure, this place wasn’t as fancy as Madrid but, then again:   “The ones who look for complex will never be able to find the simple “. Some rare wise words from me!

One day at a time

29th June 2017

Today was a day that cannot be expressed without a shrill of screams from the ladies corner: SHOPPING DAY!!!  From the second we got up, it was game on. The day started with the usual morning buzz, these active Spainyards don’t treat days like passing arrows but make sure each hits the target.Wearing the excitement like a warm winter coat we set off to hold some bulging bags. The biggest and varied brand of Europe was surely not a miss, As PRIMARK  was our first destination, which was a whole mall by itself ,after shopping for bags, folders and beach dresses, it was time to go formal. Zara was a burst and so was H&M! (ps: no comments skvians😶🤚🏻). We went around trying to fill our mouth with delicious flavours and Pizza, of course! After the whole trip, not only were we completely exhausted but eager enough to go though each item. I had to catch a quick siesta, I mean if I’m in Spain, lets do it right! Me and dad had found a glorious museum in our early morning walks and decided to check it out now. The ever famous “Museo Del Prado” was definitely one of a kind. Me, being not that active on the art side, surprisingly enjoyed this much more than I thought I could! Also a tip for the ones wanting to visit, wait till 6:00pm to get free tickets😬😏) the paintings seemed to cascade like a waterfall all through the rooms as if the room was the narrator itself, my imagination just seemed to get wilder and crazier, the character seems to melt off the paintings like blood from an open wound and roam freely around the room like their heaven. After a bit about 11pm, me and my sister decided to roam around the streets like absolute lost strangers and  the city seemed even more exuberant in the evening and I couldn’t help but sit at heir coffee tables and pretend to groan at my office hours or dance with the bubbles on the street like a five year old.madrid.jpg

With a twinkling excitement in my eyes but a whiff of tiredness in my body, I decided to let the city rest, as if I controlled it. Still being in my jeans I ate my dinner and read an interesting book I found on the shelves, “The wives of bath” which led my evening to a perfect end , and I woke up the other day finding myself in my jeans and burst out laughing🤣!

Good morning Spain!

28th June 2017

I greeted the morning with a refreshing smile and closed my eyes to allow the city to absorb inside me. Who could waste a perfectly good morning sleeping in Madrid? I COULDN’T! So, me and dad went jogging to see this city beforehand. I happened to be so filled with energy I ran all the way to a ‘Parque’. It was filled with the most lively atmosphere you could’ve ever seen.You could almost say that this place had more tress than the city I live in itself! (not true by the way).We went sweating back home with our smiles increasing as it was our first day in the most magical country, SPAIN itself, I was so eager to step out ,though I had just come back from jogging ,I was bouncing all around the apartment like a kangaroo!We all freshened up and went to visit the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium! a.k.a the REAL MADRID stadium The entire place was utterly enchanting, I mean you got to see the player’s dressing , coaching and relaxing areas. It felt like amazing to go and see their entering areas to the field and gave us the inner story of how pumped they must feel before a match.We went to an information galleria which had trumpets attached to a wall where you could hear their early anthems, cheers and goals. There was a heart-thumping movie on them and their interviews. There were whole showpieces containing their earliest trophies and wear .I mean, who knew they first wore boot sized snow protective shoes! Imagine that and them playing with balls made like rugbees and of old leather and stitched! But all of that aside the most bewildering moment of the day, the one and only , the stadium. We got to sit on their official seats and actually feel whats its like to stand there with a huge audience towering over you! Talk about a VIP experience!bernanbeu.jpeg

I mean, just look at it, its got enough space to fit EIGHTY ONE THOUSAND , HUNDRED AND FORTY FOUR! and they’re building even more! So, there are 100 seats in one compartment (trust me, I counted, I guess).After this visit, we decided to head back home, but the party wasn’t over yet! the entire city had raised its spirits so much we couldn’t help but join in its dance! We head for the biggest market in Madrid , “Saint Miguel” , as following its famous saying. “if its not here, it’s not in Spain”.It contained everything from sushi to cupcakes to hand fans! You could probably shop the entire continent from here.After a while we enjoyed the beautiful view from the royal castle and breathed a breath of pleasure at the calmness and seniority of the evening.While strolling we just couldn’t miss the Egyptian temple, ‘temple de debod’ which couldn’t serve a prettier sunset.This temple was a gift to Spain from the Egyptians for helping them during war.At around 12:00 AM  as well we were out and ready to explore so we cheered and enjoyed in the rainbow festival celebrated widely and with rather much of enthusiasm here for the gays.We strolled through the streets of this light up city which gave out amazing homely metropolitian vibes. And just as magic we found a couple dancing on ‘despacito’ and that believe me, was some groovy  dance , to be honest.I couldn’t help but feel home in this city which  I had as a stranger knocked at the door of and it had welcomed me with open arms.To make homes in places you dreamed of yesterday longingly, now that is MAGIC!♣

and back to ticking…

so, I haven’t written for a while now and I did promise to write during my travels, but never got the time. Fortunately, I did keep a journal all throughout the visit and who’s better to share it with, than with the whole wide world, yup you guys ( also cause no-one would be left if I’ll be sharing it with every human on the planet) So, here I am back with you sharing all my days.To start from the beginning…..

27th June 2017 – 1o’clock in the morning

We all woke up in a rush , I was filled with an adrenaline rush, these amazing , adventurous travels are what I live for.We head out to the airport and suddenly that little bit sleep stuck in my mind disappears I’m probably even more awake than running when dogs are behind me! Eventually we boarded the flight on the Indira Gandhi International Airport and stopped at Dubai , we had about half-an hour to catch our flight to Spain from there and the entire place being so enormous , it was gonna be harder than anything. BUT WITH LUCK ON OUR SIDE, WE CAUGHT OUR FLIGHT AND WERE HEADED TO SPAIN. The emotion and actuality of me actually going to my dream country, Espana just had to be expressed in capital letters.Both the flights combined it took us 10 hours and my ears were as numb as an elephant’s ears stuffed with cotton!! You know that feeling when you step out of the plane and go “I actually stepped in this country” or maybe that’s just me.Well our thrill of running wasn’t over yet. after arriving at Madrid’s airport we found of our suitcases missing and to the one with all my clothing!It turned out to have checked in and arrived here , and finally we discovered it was taken by someone else who had left theirs here! Fifteen minutes of nail-biting, lots of complaint and many rounds of the baggage area we eventually got our luggage and headed our way. Then, we met the owners of the air bnb apartment we were staying in, who but the way were a very friendly couple. The apartment was a stretched area that seemed very Spanish. After showing us some tourist areas and spots they left with their dog ( which I hoped they were leaving at home).We all fell on our beds and absorbed the day in,But we didn’t just let it end there! oh sir, no! We had just landed in the most historical and picture perfect land ever… who could resist? We went for a walk among the markets and bustled through the ever-so-bubbly mayor plaza which was filled with beautiful fountains. after that we got our take-away pizza and called it a night. This day was just the beginning to a marvellous trip…but most importantly a real adventure.. I couldn’t resist!plane.jpg