when you get to the hymns of the hour

1st July 2017, Seville

These days that I’ve described are what you would call the bustling and exciting life of a tourist. But the real, actual calming experience to gather the real essence of a country, is to be part of one a.k.a be one to the nation not OF the nation. Ok, in simple terms be a RESIDENT. NO! not like Get a citizenship or something but flow in the same beat as everyone else. And today I decided to do just that.To start off the morning with a hop, skip and a run , me and dad decided to run alongside a lake  River called guada grover… yup, it took almost forever but it had its perks. I discovered this beautiful lighthouse that had a cold air to it. Turns out it used to attract ships with its light and then CHAIN THEM! to get hold of their fortune and riches! It was something like rapunzel’s tower, so pretty and magically hidden yet the inner space was like a death chamber.On the way back we saw castles and an Indian historical archive , it all felt like a walk through history, the next thing left to see were probably kings dressed in robs and huge crowns! To see more of this city’s TODAY side, we went visiting its lovely bakeries, nothing like the scents of a bakery🥐🍰🍮🍩🍶 ! I could go on with the emojis and we also visited the malls , and get this. This city may look like Ancient Rome but in its fashion sense It was 20 DECADES ahead, no kidding. The city looked like  an old, wise elegant character but had a smart, straightforward and stylish personality. A little later in the evening we headed to a famous park but ended up discovering a whole different place all by itself , It was like a sweet hidden one with its little pools and pigeons.We then headed to Christopher Columbus’s tomb which later turned out to be his monument. His tomb was inside a place called Alkazar which was closed. A little disappointed though ,it was beautiful nevertheless, with his boat handcrafted in the middle it was like the leaning yet not leaning tower of Spain.8230SPAN

Still strolling on the streets we discovered a place that looked like it had been cut from London and pasted in Seville. With the boats and castles and the wedding season going on, I would call this extremely fairytalistic.( thats probably not a word).espana palza.jpg

Look at it, its absolutely majestic. It turned out to be the real Parque actually.🤣 AlSo my sister dropped a bag on someone from a floor above, which though was at that time a What?! moment, was pretty hilarious.We came back, I put my earplugs on and ended this day.Then woke up listening. to my favourite song and started dancing. I AM weird but then again, “Things made in the most weirdest of ways are always the most interesting to taste”. Toodlez!


I lost my heart in Madrid

This day was a bittersweet one, I woke up trying to tell myself again and again, “it’s going to be wonderful”, “be positive” I repeated it to myself in my sleep as well! You see today was the day we were leaving Madrid…., NO! wait not leaving Spain, just the city and exploring further to Seville. Now, I’m a person who’s hands down totally for change, I’m change for this world  myself, but just in 3 days I had grown to treat this city like my own cozy cove and everyone groans when they’re sleeping warmly in their fuzzy blankets and someone just drags it off you, and all you’re left with is that shivering cold wind . Still, with a dramatic goodbye I unlike anyone else  who greets the city i surprised it by yelling ,“get ready to love me SEVILLE!”. Anyway back to the order of events, while waiting for our car to arrive  we hung around and enjoyed the pleasure of viewing, perhaps the most beautiful railway station on the planet. It looked like a Hogwarts train station or something right out of an old elegant story.Later, we caught our ride with a wonderful man who was going to the city to visit his family. We drove for about 5 hours, stopping to catch a breath or just adore the views. I basically ate cookies , looked outside and slept.The moment (and this may sound something right out of a movie) I stepped in Seville I knew it was made for me! We stationed ourselves in ‘hotel cervante’ named after the famous guy “Miguel de Cervantes” who  wrote THE first book after being released from jail  after three years for being accused of taking extra money as a tax retailer, turning out to be his only job option due to his left arm being unusable.He does look funny though! After breathing the same air as everyone due to our tiring trip we took a tour of this enchanting city famous for its traditional flamenco. We saw old council buildings, the places where flamenco evolutionalized and even a church that was rebuilt 3 times by three different religious kings! Its the third largest church in the world and rather magical, if I must. At the end of the tour, we saw the best flamenco performance in town which was heart-throbbingly stunning. I literally blinked at least a hundred times (which is saying a lot) as the dancer stomped on the floor so hard.maxresdefault-3.jpgThe guitar was melodically beated , one that made you pick up shakers and dance along. The singer was one who knew how to deliver, he was someone that could wake you up from the deepest of your sleeps and made you listen!! The dancer herself was a fierce one, her expression and devotion to the art shined on her face clearly. It’s a  fact you know that on flamenco show is never as same as the other, it always changes ,ALWAYS, depending on the artist’s moods. I don’t know how were their moods that day but by the looks of it, they seemed more joyful than the audience itself! After the whole day we roamed around and saw Rapunzel 2 in Spanish, (you can understand a lot you know) and after rounds and rounds of coffee finally dozed off. Sure, this place wasn’t as fancy as Madrid but, then again:   “The ones who look for complex will never be able to find the simple “. Some rare wise words from me!