One day at a time

29th June 2017

Today was a day that cannot be expressed without a shrill of screams from the ladies corner: SHOPPING DAY!!!  From the second we got up, it was game on. The day started with the usual morning buzz, these active Spainyards don’t treat days like passing arrows but make sure each hits the target.Wearing the excitement like a warm winter coat we set off to hold some bulging bags. The biggest and varied brand of Europe was surely not a miss, As PRIMARK  was our first destination, which was a whole mall by itself ,after shopping for bags, folders and beach dresses, it was time to go formal. Zara was a burst and so was H&M! (ps: no comments skvians😶🤚🏻). We went around trying to fill our mouth with delicious flavours and Pizza, of course! After the whole trip, not only were we completely exhausted but eager enough to go though each item. I had to catch a quick siesta, I mean if I’m in Spain, lets do it right! Me and dad had found a glorious museum in our early morning walks and decided to check it out now. The ever famous “Museo Del Prado” was definitely one of a kind. Me, being not that active on the art side, surprisingly enjoyed this much more than I thought I could! Also a tip for the ones wanting to visit, wait till 6:00pm to get free tickets😬😏) the paintings seemed to cascade like a waterfall all through the rooms as if the room was the narrator itself, my imagination just seemed to get wilder and crazier, the character seems to melt off the paintings like blood from an open wound and roam freely around the room like their heaven. After a bit about 11pm, me and my sister decided to roam around the streets like absolute lost strangers and  the city seemed even more exuberant in the evening and I couldn’t help but sit at heir coffee tables and pretend to groan at my office hours or dance with the bubbles on the street like a five year

With a twinkling excitement in my eyes but a whiff of tiredness in my body, I decided to let the city rest, as if I controlled it. Still being in my jeans I ate my dinner and read an interesting book I found on the shelves, “The wives of bath” which led my evening to a perfect end , and I woke up the other day finding myself in my jeans and burst out laughing🤣!


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  1. jennymarie4 says:

    Sounds amazing! Thanks so much for visiting my blog, it’s great to connect with you. I love the name of your blog! Take care, Jenny

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  2. robertcday says:

    Shopping day?! Oh, the horror!!

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      1. robertcday says:

        Hahaha – yes! 🙂


  3. naavya says:

    primark is amazingggggggg

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