and back to ticking…

so, I haven’t written for a while now and I did promise to write during my travels, but never got the time. Fortunately, I did keep a journal all throughout the visit and who’s better to share it with, than with the whole wide world, yup you guys ( also cause no-one would be left if I’ll be sharing it with every human on the planet) So, here I am back with you sharing all my days.To start from the beginning…..

27th June 2017 – 1o’clock in the morning

We all woke up in a rush , I was filled with an adrenaline rush, these amazing , adventurous travels are what I live for.We head out to the airport and suddenly that little bit sleep stuck in my mind disappears I’m probably even more awake than running when dogs are behind me! Eventually we boarded the flight on the Indira Gandhi International Airport and stopped at Dubai , we had about half-an hour to catch our flight to Spain from there and the entire place being so enormous , it was gonna be harder than anything. BUT WITH LUCK ON OUR SIDE, WE CAUGHT OUR FLIGHT AND WERE HEADED TO SPAIN. The emotion and actuality of me actually going to my dream country, Espana just had to be expressed in capital letters.Both the flights combined it took us 10 hours and my ears were as numb as an elephant’s ears stuffed with cotton!! You know that feeling when you step out of the plane and go “I actually stepped in this country” or maybe that’s just me.Well our thrill of running wasn’t over yet. after arriving at Madrid’s airport we found of our suitcases missing and to the one with all my clothing!It turned out to have checked in and arrived here , and finally we discovered it was taken by someone else who had left theirs here! Fifteen minutes of nail-biting, lots of complaint and many rounds of the baggage area we eventually got our luggage and headed our way. Then, we met the owners of the air bnb apartment we were staying in, who but the way were a very friendly couple. The apartment was a stretched area that seemed very Spanish. After showing us some tourist areas and spots they left with their dog ( which I hoped they were leaving at home).We all fell on our beds and absorbed the day in,But we didn’t just let it end there! oh sir, no! We had just landed in the most historical and picture perfect land ever… who could resist? We went for a walk among the markets and bustled through the ever-so-bubbly mayor plaza which was filled with beautiful fountains. after that we got our take-away pizza and called it a night. This day was just the beginning to a marvellous trip…but most importantly a real adventure.. I couldn’t resist!plane.jpg



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