One day at a time

29th June 2017

Today was a day that cannot be expressed without a shrill of screams from the ladies corner: SHOPPING DAY!!!  From the second we got up, it was game on. The day started with the usual morning buzz, these active Spainyards don’t treat days like passing arrows but make sure each hits the target.Wearing the excitement like a warm winter coat we set off to hold some bulging bags. The biggest and varied brand of Europe was surely not a miss, As PRIMARK  was our first destination, which was a whole mall by itself ,after shopping for bags, folders and beach dresses, it was time to go formal. Zara was a burst and so was H&M! (ps: no comments skvians😶🤚🏻). We went around trying to fill our mouth with delicious flavours and Pizza, of course! After the whole trip, not only were we completely exhausted but eager enough to go though each item. I had to catch a quick siesta, I mean if I’m in Spain, lets do it right! Me and dad had found a glorious museum in our early morning walks and decided to check it out now. The ever famous “Museo Del Prado” was definitely one of a kind. Me, being not that active on the art side, surprisingly enjoyed this much more than I thought I could! Also a tip for the ones wanting to visit, wait till 6:00pm to get free tickets😬😏) the paintings seemed to cascade like a waterfall all through the rooms as if the room was the narrator itself, my imagination just seemed to get wilder and crazier, the character seems to melt off the paintings like blood from an open wound and roam freely around the room like their heaven. After a bit about 11pm, me and my sister decided to roam around the streets like absolute lost strangers and  the city seemed even more exuberant in the evening and I couldn’t help but sit at heir coffee tables and pretend to groan at my office hours or dance with the bubbles on the street like a five year

With a twinkling excitement in my eyes but a whiff of tiredness in my body, I decided to let the city rest, as if I controlled it. Still being in my jeans I ate my dinner and read an interesting book I found on the shelves, “The wives of bath” which led my evening to a perfect end , and I woke up the other day finding myself in my jeans and burst out laughing🤣!


Good morning Spain!

28th June 2017

I greeted the morning with a refreshing smile and closed my eyes to allow the city to absorb inside me. Who could waste a perfectly good morning sleeping in Madrid? I COULDN’T! So, me and dad went jogging to see this city beforehand. I happened to be so filled with energy I ran all the way to a ‘Parque’. It was filled with the most lively atmosphere you could’ve ever seen.You could almost say that this place had more tress than the city I live in itself! (not true by the way).We went sweating back home with our smiles increasing as it was our first day in the most magical country, SPAIN itself, I was so eager to step out ,though I had just come back from jogging ,I was bouncing all around the apartment like a kangaroo!We all freshened up and went to visit the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium! a.k.a the REAL MADRID stadium The entire place was utterly enchanting, I mean you got to see the player’s dressing , coaching and relaxing areas. It felt like amazing to go and see their entering areas to the field and gave us the inner story of how pumped they must feel before a match.We went to an information galleria which had trumpets attached to a wall where you could hear their early anthems, cheers and goals. There was a heart-thumping movie on them and their interviews. There were whole showpieces containing their earliest trophies and wear .I mean, who knew they first wore boot sized snow protective shoes! Imagine that and them playing with balls made like rugbees and of old leather and stitched! But all of that aside the most bewildering moment of the day, the one and only , the stadium. We got to sit on their official seats and actually feel whats its like to stand there with a huge audience towering over you! Talk about a VIP experience!bernanbeu.jpeg

I mean, just look at it, its got enough space to fit EIGHTY ONE THOUSAND , HUNDRED AND FORTY FOUR! and they’re building even more! So, there are 100 seats in one compartment (trust me, I counted, I guess).After this visit, we decided to head back home, but the party wasn’t over yet! the entire city had raised its spirits so much we couldn’t help but join in its dance! We head for the biggest market in Madrid , “Saint Miguel” , as following its famous saying. “if its not here, it’s not in Spain”.It contained everything from sushi to cupcakes to hand fans! You could probably shop the entire continent from here.After a while we enjoyed the beautiful view from the royal castle and breathed a breath of pleasure at the calmness and seniority of the evening.While strolling we just couldn’t miss the Egyptian temple, ‘temple de debod’ which couldn’t serve a prettier sunset.This temple was a gift to Spain from the Egyptians for helping them during war.At around 12:00 AM  as well we were out and ready to explore so we cheered and enjoyed in the rainbow festival celebrated widely and with rather much of enthusiasm here for the gays.We strolled through the streets of this light up city which gave out amazing homely metropolitian vibes. And just as magic we found a couple dancing on ‘despacito’ and that believe me, was some groovy  dance , to be honest.I couldn’t help but feel home in this city which  I had as a stranger knocked at the door of and it had welcomed me with open arms.To make homes in places you dreamed of yesterday longingly, now that is MAGIC!♣

and back to ticking…

so, I haven’t written for a while now and I did promise to write during my travels, but never got the time. Fortunately, I did keep a journal all throughout the visit and who’s better to share it with, than with the whole wide world, yup you guys ( also cause no-one would be left if I’ll be sharing it with every human on the planet) So, here I am back with you sharing all my days.To start from the beginning…..

27th June 2017 – 1o’clock in the morning

We all woke up in a rush , I was filled with an adrenaline rush, these amazing , adventurous travels are what I live for.We head out to the airport and suddenly that little bit sleep stuck in my mind disappears I’m probably even more awake than running when dogs are behind me! Eventually we boarded the flight on the Indira Gandhi International Airport and stopped at Dubai , we had about half-an hour to catch our flight to Spain from there and the entire place being so enormous , it was gonna be harder than anything. BUT WITH LUCK ON OUR SIDE, WE CAUGHT OUR FLIGHT AND WERE HEADED TO SPAIN. The emotion and actuality of me actually going to my dream country, Espana just had to be expressed in capital letters.Both the flights combined it took us 10 hours and my ears were as numb as an elephant’s ears stuffed with cotton!! You know that feeling when you step out of the plane and go “I actually stepped in this country” or maybe that’s just me.Well our thrill of running wasn’t over yet. after arriving at Madrid’s airport we found of our suitcases missing and to the one with all my clothing!It turned out to have checked in and arrived here , and finally we discovered it was taken by someone else who had left theirs here! Fifteen minutes of nail-biting, lots of complaint and many rounds of the baggage area we eventually got our luggage and headed our way. Then, we met the owners of the air bnb apartment we were staying in, who but the way were a very friendly couple. The apartment was a stretched area that seemed very Spanish. After showing us some tourist areas and spots they left with their dog ( which I hoped they were leaving at home).We all fell on our beds and absorbed the day in,But we didn’t just let it end there! oh sir, no! We had just landed in the most historical and picture perfect land ever… who could resist? We went for a walk among the markets and bustled through the ever-so-bubbly mayor plaza which was filled with beautiful fountains. after that we got our take-away pizza and called it a night. This day was just the beginning to a marvellous trip…but most importantly a real adventure.. I couldn’t resist!plane.jpg