Carry smart, travel light

Hey! Are you planning a vacation to go trekking or how about a view of the waterfall? Well, you’ve got to take your lucky boots though its summer and those fancy pants when you’re going to be camping in the wilderness. What’s that? TOO MUCH? well, here’s how to make sure you have a comfortable journey without fretting that you left your comfortable and favourites behind.umbrella.jpg

1- LOOK AT THE MAP– packing should be done keeping in mind where you’re off to, even if you feel you ought to carry a raincoat to protect yourself from water if you’re going near a river or waterfall, think once more. You know your family and friends are gonna dip in the water sooner or later why waste time in that? Or if you’re going to a new country and feel that you need to carry almost the house with you in case of an emergency..NO! Remember there are shops in foreign lands too, though you may not find the same quality or brand there, your necessities will surely be met, don’t go scrambling after your wants.

2-BACK TO THE TUMMY-On of the main issues of travelling is food, its an ever worse scenario if you’re allergic to some things.So,don’t go around carrying food in boxes and boxes instead research and set up list of things you think you will be comfortable with and stick to them, if you do find food you are tempted to outside of your knowledge never hurts to ask for the ingredients!

3-PENS AND PENCILS- mostly during journeys many attempt to write their experience down and carry huge diaries and collection of pens and stickers, when… don’t you think a travelogue would be a much better idea? Take a small pocket book that doesn’t require much space and seriously one pen will do and fill it up with tags and memoirs from there.

4-PACKING OR STUFFING?– there are many videos on smart packing and fitting a whole set of clothes in a tiny space but one of the most reliable methods is -ROLLING, no matter jeans or t-shirts just by rolling them up it will not only create a lot more space and help you to  just give carry just one suitcase or bag  but save all the crumbling and leave your important office shirts and pants , crisp and new!

5-BE FRESH EVERYWHERE– its not important to carry soap bars and shampoos to our choice just cause it suits your hair perfectly or has a good smell, COME ON! you’re going for a holiday to a hotel or bed and breakfast not a dumpster ! Why do you want to increase your bag’s weight by adding shampoo and conditioner bottles when there will be some there already!

6-JACKETS AND BOOTS– now if you’re going to a humid place, there’s no question of carrying them at all, THE END. But if you ARE going to a cold place a jacket might be enough, sure if that place is going through some freezing conditions ,clothing will be available, don’t layer up, and this way you’ll have room for souvenirs too (including jackets).

7- WORLD WIDE WEB– usually we tend to carry our phone (always), a laptop, an iPad and  if that wasn’t enough an Apple Watch. know what? why don’t you buy the entire Apple Store?! I mean I simply don’t see the need of carrying your iPad if you have your laptop. You can download PPT and word in your iPad then why a laptop?, if you are going for official work and need your laptop for use then there’s no need to take your iPad for games, FaceTime when you can do all that in your phone as well! As for kindle, rethink about it, after So much of travelling and working, will you really read?

8- POINTS TO BE NOTED -make sure that for minimisation of clothing, stick to these guidelines and have each piece qualify atleast 3 of these:

  • Comfortable for touring around, but can be dressed up for the evening
  • Is appropriate for cool or warm weather
  • Doesn’t show stains
  • Folds up small
  • Coordinates well with almost everything else you’re bringing

(guidelines by -Netanya Trimboli, Communications Manager at Hostelling International USA)

9- DOUBLE DUTY– always carry objects or clothing that can perform a double duty. For example a pair of shoes that I can take to run or hike but also wear for a casual meeting. OR a towel-substance based cloth for instance can serve as a towel, carpet, table cloth, face massager and so much more! Keeps your options to every possibility but objects to a minimum.

10-MINI CUPBOARD– while storing your clothes, pack them vertically making it look like a filing cabinet. This way not only do you not have to take all your clothes out to see what   matches and what doesn’t , but it helps give you an easy overview of all the pair of jeans, tops and skirts you have. To go further, you could stack them in a colour-code manner, or clothing type, its your mini- cupboard after all!

Find a very flexible and important checklist here:

Your travelling checklist



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