darkness before the spotlight

So, after a few inspiring blogs , I’m here with some exciting news:  I‘m going to do a travel blog for 2 weeks on Spain! 🇪🇸  So, Im going to do it from 27th June to 11th July, its going to be a mix-up between blogging and travelling but anyway.

Back, to the blog:

When you look at a celebrity the first thought that comes to anybody’s mind is : THEY’RE SO LUCKY simply for the reason that they are famous and rich but what we forget is that they have a life beyond cameras and interviews, and that life for everyone hasn’t been the smoothest one . Many have slept in their car, struggled to keep a dime in their pocket and mostly, faced rejection all the time. Read on about them and get inspired!

1- J.K ROWLING- This strong- hearted woman could barely afford to feed her baby after a divorce in 1994, just three years before she published her best-sellers, she was so poor she couldn’t afford a computer or even the cost of photocopying the 90,000-word novel, so she manually typed out each version to send to publishers. It was rejected many times before a small London publisher’s eight year old daughter fell in love with it.jk

2-TYLER PERRY– This famous director, writer and actor went through a rough childhood being physically and sexually abused and getting kicked out of high school, he tried to commit suicide twice until In 1992 he wrote, produced, and starred in his first theater production, I Know I’ve Been Changed , somewhat informed by his difficult upbringing .His shows failed one after another until his seventh show was finally a success and he went on to have an amazing career and being called Forbes’s highest paid man in entertainment in 2011.

tyler perry.jpg

3-EMILY BLUNT– This famous actress wen through a major stutter during her teenage years and thought she would never be able to carry a normal conversation with anyone. That is until she was encouraged by one of her junior high teacher to participate in the school play, try different accents and character voices to get her voice out, she was totally uncomfortable at first due to her lack in communication but by the end of her teens she had overcome her stutter and was on her path to the successful career she has now.blunt

4-OPRAH WINFREY– Oprah went through a lot before being welcomed on stage, like going through weight criticism and racism in public light .If you think that was bad, she faces tremendous obstacles while growing up, she was a victim of sexual abuse and was repeatedly molested by her uncle, uncle and family friend . In fact, things got so bad she ended pregnant at the age of 14, after her baby died after two weeks.But Oprah, strong-willed continued to finish high school as an honours student, earned a full-scholarship to college and from a local network anchor in Nashville and became an international superstar and creator of her OWN network.


5-JIM CARREY– After his Dad lost his job when he was fourteen, his family hit rough times and lived in a van in their neighbour’s garden. This young comedian even took a-8-hours-a-day -factory-job when he was 10  just to make ends meet. This young man was so dedicated to his art that despite the circumstances he mailed his resume to The Carroll Burnett Show, though he didn’t make it.After bombing his shoes a few times when he was fifteen he dedicated his entire life to comedy and quit school at sixteen.He moved to LA later and wrote himself a check for $10,000,000 for “Acting Services Rendered,” which he dated for Thanksgiving 1995. Just before that date, he hit his payday with Dumb and Dumber and put the deteriorated check, which he’d kept in his wallet the whole time, in his father’s casket.


6-STEPHEN KING-This author was living in a trailer with his wife when he had started to write.He worked multiple jobs to support his family and follow his calling.When he first submitted his work, it was rejected too many times that he ended up collecting all the rejection slips.In fact, he said in one of his interviews that these slips were supported by a spike as even a nail was not able to sustain.After receiving 60 rejections , he finally published his first story for $35. His best-seller to date wasn’t a hit a first, Carrie didn’t become a hit until Signet books signed on the paperback rights for $400,000 and 200,000 of which went to King. And after that, was the path to success!


stephen king

So, you see when you know the destination WHERE, you don’t have to worry about the time WHEN but just concentrate on the journey HOW and then  no matter how many roadblocks come your way, you will be there and you WILL stand with pride.


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