why should you not cry…

This is not a blog exactly, today just a small message.

Why should you not be depressed right now, cry your eyes out right now, feel bad about the slippery rain or torching sunshine? Well, here’s why..

YOU’RE ALIVE! you are the most beautiful, unique and amazing thing on this planet. There has never been anyone like you on Earth nor will there ever be, YOU are a miracle. The way your eye sees the world , it has never been been seen like that before, the way you discover and wander  amongst this land , it has never been walked upon like that, ever.

This world may seem short to you right now: just your house, your park, school/office and your society but thats just a tiny fleck on this planet. There’s so SOO much more to discover, to be happy about. There are sites galore to make your eyes pop out, people waiting to touch your lives and lands to forever connect to.

So, don’t just sit in that one room , crying over something that won’t matter after a while,We’ve all been taught to learn from our mistakes but if we won’t move on how will we make new ones? How will we Stand on our feet and take a step ahead to our dreams?

You’re feeling down now but I’m assuring you, You will be fine, you will smile and laugh and live a life to remember.It’s said really wisely and rather in an amazing manner said in one of my favourite songs:

 "When thunder clouds start pouring down
Light a fire they can't put out
Carve your name into those shinning stars
Go venture far beyond the shores.
Don't forsake this life of yours.I'll guide you home no matter where you are." spark

So, go and live a life you will remember, go be the best of you, shine in this shining world and raise that spark into lightning so anyone thinks twice before dealing with this lightning don’t become a sparkless nobody that anyone can play around with.

set a mark, BE YOU , BE HAPPY , BE SOMEBODY!



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  1. Wow. Thankyou so much for this.

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