How To Deal With Siblings!

I’m sure all of us have been in situations where the younger kid destroys everything and you get the blame for not being “responsible” enough or having  a second parent, a brother or sister boss over you at times. Well, sisters and brothers can be a headache  at times, no matter they live with you or are your cousins . Here are some easy tips to handle them and enjoy the experience without being a nanny or being bossed.

  1. First and foremost – GET OUT OF YOUR  COMFORT-ZONE  we have to put them first and create a scenario which they can adjust to and one that doesn’t cross your boundaries either.A pillow fight once in a while to get messy is okay older ones and playing a video game instead of jumping about might be fun once in a while, younger siblings.im12.  LOOK FOR COMMON GROUNDS- It’s always better to do something you both can laugh at. If your sibling loves to doodle and scribble random things, maybe you could join them and draw funny things to laugh your hearts out at. If they like to write stories , how about a game of pretend to bring  them to life and  fulfil each one’s desire.im33. BACK OUT WHEN THINGS HEAT UP-  It is the worst cat and dog fight when siblings start to fight. It’s best to back out when you know you both are just uselessly fighting and its not leading anywhere. This might show your sibling that its time to apologize and admit afterall.im54. BE IN-CHARGE…of yourself! – We tend to take charge most of the time, whether we are the younger or older one , we always want things our way, the trick to this is to do what we want to do but not force them to follow our lead, instead it’s  simple and straight to just listen to their role and make sure you keep your peace in their job and they in yours.D-O-N-E.



5. PICK UP WHEN THEY  FALL- By helping out your siblings out it always improves your relationship.Look for simple opportunities like getting water for them, helping them to bake, math homework help, should do the trick and most importantly helping them out in sticky situations where they could really use a hand.

im4.jpg6. STAND ON THE LINE- It’s better to stand on the line of reassurance than stand outside and make them feel lonely or march in and make them feel uncomfortable. Like when you see your brother or sister having a fight as an elder sister you should ask them if they need help and assist them but never take charge of their  friendship and make them feel like you’re controlling their life.And as a younger one, asking about their day is assuring but reading their diaries and invading their personal life is just not right.


7. TRUCE- Sometimes when siblings annoy you so much that you’re just about to burst……..take a deep breath and deal with us like a businessman: MAKE A TRUCE: like how about they allow you to see a little extra T.V for a week and you’ll do their homework for a week or if you make the bed the bed for a day , they’ll give you more marshmallows. These sort of deals help build an understanding amongst each other and make your bond stronger.im8So, thats about it. Now to tell you the truth ,  sisters and brothers will always be a challenge and at times we might feel like tearing our hair out but those hugs and kisses that we share make it WORTHWHILE and this makes this  adventure the sweetest. And here’s a future prediction: You will never EVER find someone like your siblings who’ll be on your side even if the world isn’t cause they’re the only ones who are not just your relatives but your best friends (and enemies at times) and you’ll all share a beautiful life together.


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