TO BE continued…

Sometimes words can flow better through music. Sometimes  a beat can sound better in rhythm.You just have to be swept away, go deep ,go deeper but flow.”

This may not be the wisest quote (mostly cause its written by me) but it describes today’s blog completely.

Taking a view of my previous blog , I decided to PUBLISH a small piece of lyrics inspired by that topic yet  a little diverse on that area, Its a little different for bloggers to write lyrics on their blog. But my blog is all about CHANGES, right? So, here goes…freedom


Do you think you’re being pulled into nothing?                                                                                                                     Why do you feel much but say nothing?                                                                                          

All those moments when you closed your door                                                                                        Listen to your heart and to no-one anymore.

That shoe you left stranded on the stairs                                                                                                   You asked for love but got useless airs.

When it seemed liked the end and no light was visible                                                                 Flash a wide smile, why so dull?                                                                                                                                           

Dance to your beat and wave a hand,                                                                                               twist and turn like time never ran.

Your soul is screaming yet you are quiet,                                                                                         your stomach’s hungry for more, why are you trying to hide?

CHORUS: Threads roll and roll but no-one ever catches,                                                                       people talk and talk but no idea ever hatches!

Those knots are tied by speed breakers .                                                                                                                                         Those threads are caught by game-changers

When you feel like the world’s so alone and big,                                                                                    like  you’re a forgotten card in a card deck,

Why don’t you push yourself beyond the line                                                                                 a whole world awaits just for you to design.

Make the steps count but don’t stop on one                                                                                     Don’t just take steps, its’s your time to run                                                                                       

No-one touched chandeliers without crying on the bare floor,                                                   no-one found happiness with waiting a little more…                                                                     

Pick up your pen and start writing,                                                                                                   Its a story to share and all yours to sing.


Catch those threads and leave a mark,                                                                                                                                                  its a shining world, it just takes a spark.

Tighten those knots , Raise your head higher.                                                                                 Be someone you would really admire.




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