Girls with open hair, and knots

No! Stop! Don’t just limit yourself into thinking she’s just a girl with open hair, she has open wings , an open mind and most of all OPEN EYES.

The girl I’m talking about here knows her way and doesn’t need a man to depend on, she does what she believes is right. She loves criticism as it shows her different aspects of the world but never lives upon them. She won’t stop eating cheese or mayonnaise just because it’ll make her fat, she wants to show the world her inner beauty and feels that expressing herself as ¬†skinny and beautiful might awe the audience but will never make them understand her.

There’s another girl as well, unfortunately her beautiful flowing hair is always tied in knots. She dreams and dreams about the things she wants to do but is led by other’ s wills. She stands with no confidence and criticism is her biggest enemy as she believes she’ll never fit in her society. She eats and talks less, keeping her thoughts to herself afraid the world will judge her. She thinks only a man can lift her and needs a shoulder to ¬†always stand with.

The open-haired girl sees beauty in truth and appreciates all that has been given to her. She is a risk-taker yet knows the importance of understanding your decisions.

The tangled hair girl knows her rights from wrong yet is always forced to hold the wrong’s hand. Risks and adventures are not her cup of tea as she sees it as an opportunity to invite danger itself rather than something fun. She knows she has her own mind and power to lead her life yet puts her life’s remote control in other’s hands.

The free-willing girl dances to her own music and ¬†is always curious to explore, she sets no boundaries, therefore, never crosses them at all. She believes with ¬†so much given to us in the world it is our responsibility to share our joy with ones who live under our shadows .She thinks of rules as warning signs saying “DO NOT ENTER”, and is never able to resist one. She feels that even if ¬†a single tree is cut to give way to an entire forest, it is not worth it as life is the best gift given to anyone and EACH soul matters.

The limited girl isn’t allowed to soar as she is trapped in land, she isn’t allowed to discover or explore as she is not expected to want more from ever-giving Earth. She is captured by her feelings so much , she is never able to share love and compassion with others. ¬†Doors and paths are just reminders to her about her restrictions and limits.Even though, she sees love in each soul and body on land she never raises her voice to support them.

The stubborn girl will ask for something even if the world says no as she believes this is her path, she never keeps her head down, instead looks up to the world in the eye . She doesn’t care if people ¬†talk about her style or attitude badly. This is HER, it’s HER life, these are HER choices and HER path, she doesn’t need anyone who doesn’t even have the slightest knowledge about her judge her. If she is wrong, SHE will face the consequences alone and if right, she alone will stand in utmost pride. This is her world, her oyster and she’ll fill it with pearls.

The weak girl wants to ask a million questions, a whole world resides in her yet she doesn’t speak a word , she keeps her head down unable to ask,”why?”. She follows everyone’s commands as she wants to be kept out of gossips and talks. She keeps thinking why did i step on this planet , the answer that she keeps pushing out her mind ,”to live Your life in your beauty” as it is something that she’ll forever believe yet never be able to step one step ahead by her own when she wants to run for miles and miles on end. She wants to be incharge of herself yet is played around like a ball. This girl, though weak, will find her way one day that’s what she believes , without a hand, a shoulder or another mind. She will lead her own trail and will be stronger than ever, her now whispers will be a shrilling loud voice then.

It is rightly said by ¬†J.R.R. Tolkien, ¬† “My friend, you had horses, and deed of arms, and the free fields; but she, being born in the body of a maid, had a spirit and courage at least the match of yours. Yet she was doomed to wait upon an old man, , and watch him falling into a mean dishonoured dotage; and her part seemed to her more ignoble than that of the staff he leaned on.”

The girls with knotted hair have dreams, aims , curiosity, will, yet lack the strength as it is drained out of it by others. I wrote this article in a shivering state, thinking i cry over not getting freedom to stay up at night , when they cry for not getting freedom to live their life, to stand up , to colour their own colours and not use someone else’s hand. What they need is not sympathy not another hand but a voice encouraging them to get up ONCE AND FOR ALL. A 14 year old girl like me can just write articles but you , YOU can bring light to their darkness, WILL YOU? open their knots or let them forever lie in a web of tangled hair? Make up your mind.



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