Sometimes you don’t HAVE to be brave!

Haven’t we all been in situations where we just want to curl into a ball and deport yourself to Mexico (or if you’re Mexican) to the other part of the world. I’ve been in one of these situations and i know you feel like being invisible at such moments.

Now there are many ways to make these awkward moments a little less awkward.

Like we could just walk away and pretend nothing happened, which may seem the best way out for the current situation but you’re gonna really gonna regret it later. When you meet that person a second time, you’ll resort to measures such as hiding or probably avoiding that place altogether. Now, you see you could’ve just finished the whole case the first time but by stretching it by days, you’ve created more obstacles for yourself.

Another way to avoid these situations is to ¬†always have your phone with you: Being occupied saves us from taking responsibility of the uncomfortable actions happening around us.Now that sounds good doesn’t it?Until…your phone is 10% , no internet and you will have to call somebody very important after a while? In those amazing situations you sit staring ¬†a black screen acting like is the most important job of the world ,that totally makes situations less awkward, huh?

How about just saying “I seriously can’t hear you” three times than just saying “yes, absolutely”cause that it what will bring your troubles knocking on your door.Now, this is one solution which i actually consider worth enough to be on the list .I ¬†mean, okay it does become really annoying for the person speaking but what if they said something like “I feel really depressed because of this day, do you feel i deserve to feel bad about myself and worthless?” and you thought she was singing and realise she just threw a question at you, so you go , “Yes, absolutely”….and thats IT! Just by saying “I BEG YOUR PARDON?” would’ve saved you your life and your dear friendship.

The hand-clenching moment when you and your friends or relatives say your good byes and end up walking on the same track.So its  better to  choose the other way before, to avoid  another round of awkward goodbyes.

This is one everyone can relate to, when in karaokes or just singing among a group, we get carried in the flow by the song and everyone’ s joining in a loud voice when …when OH NO! you end up singing the wrong lyrics out loud. And everyone just stops and looks at you while you face another round of complete embarrassment. A way to avoid this is to know either the song very well, with the beats and verses or know yourself , that this may be your jam but there’s no harm with letting everyone else lead.

We face many uncomfortable situations while we’re guessing something about a stranger. The knack , my friend is to NEVER EVER guess but comb it another way. For example- It is a Rule of embarrassment to NEVER, EVER guess a woman’s pregnancy. Its is better to let the woman bring it up herself than finding out she’s without a child and you without your common sense.

Another guess should never be made about anyone’s gender. Why make anyone feel insecure about themselves? If you are curious though, you could ask for their name and if also confuses you, you could use common names ¬†for calling that ¬†person like: dude or guys .

It is always better to have the phone in your hand while showing pictures to someone as everyone has those weird selfies in their phone that they’d rather keep to themselves. You really don’t want sneaky gossip people exposing your whole gallery now, do you?

Now , really i could go on and on about situations like these cause we face them almost everyday. But if there’s anything i’ve learned from these situations is SOMETIMES YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE BRAVE, REALLY!


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  1. blissfulbohemian17 says:

    Hey love! I love your background color and your content. Maybe try adding pictures and subheadings to help out readability and engagement :)!

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