Are we running or is the time?

Aern’t we all this rabbit? Even though we don’t admit it? We’re all time freaks: Worrying that we won’t finish a project on time, we’ll be left behind in our class, we’ll miss the time of our favourite TV show, I mean at that point we really become that rabbit.

This isn’t all bad i mean i feel good at times when I’m busy, like I’m being productive. The big problem, however is when we have too much time in our hands to do anything. Now usually when I’m free i do what any teenager would do, search for what to do when you’re bored videos.

One of the main suggestions given are: BAKE : now the moment i step into the kitchen my mom will burst me with questions like “what do you want?” and when i tell her i want to bake a cake, perhaps , she  will either say “why you just had lunch like an hour ago”, “We’ll make it some other time.” and the worst, the blame game “I told you to eat your food properly, I’ll make some more food for you.” So that is pretty much crossed out the list.

The next one up is STYLING : The best i’ll ever   exactly come close to “relaxing myself” with cosmetics is putting nail polish and thats it.THE END.

Another amazing suggestion is to DECORATE MY ROOM , I know there’s a lot i can do in this area, so i start with enthusiasm and pump up with music and all , you know get in the flow. I start with rearranging my pillows and putting some pens in containers and arranging all the buttons , clips and all into boxes and think about the positioning of my bed, table and chairs …..until….wait? which song is playing? and thats it, i’m distracted finding this amazing song I’ve discovered, spreading the news and eventually sticking to YOUtube for the rest of the day, but mom if you’re reading this i totally clean my room before!

There are so many more tips like: go out for a jog and I’m like man, i live with something called PLANS which never applies to life but only in workouts and have you seen the weather ? not even birds are not JOGGING on our roofs!

Till this point, you’re probably wondering do you have a solution or not? OF COURSE i do, i come packed with solutions (sure). This is what i call old school solutions:

1) take a book you love, read it again or search for new books and get some nice coffee with it, that should take you atleast 2 hours.

2)Find a new NETFLIX series: I mean I’m sure Riverdale season 2 is gonna come out anytime (please!!!).

3) go and find some new hobby like I’m playing guitar more often now and it really helps cover time (specially if you’re interested). Maybe an instrument or write a song (one of my favourites too),start a trend.

4) Start going through a new language, now i know you’re thinking more work?right? WRONG. This will help you to say it in your daily speech and believe me things get a lot cooler from here.And the last and hopefully not the least:

5) Start presenting yourself to the world, not just through social sites but like make a video, express yourself, prepare a dance or better yet START BLOGGING, seriously this has definitely taken up a lot of my time and gives me something to look forward to each day, I mean what have you got to lose?right?

Well, make sure time doesn’t slip out of your hands and get a grip on your life. its NOW OR NEVER! AU REVOIR!!!


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  1. Radhika tripathi says:

    Gr8 job yaa….
    So impressed with ur work…
    Truly loved it 😍

    Liked by 1 person

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