Sugar? Yes, please!


This should hopefully help me calm down and probably you too (if you’re having a stressful day). You know those moments when you get out of your bed and your head just spins, everything seems a blur and after a second there you are! BACK TO THE HUMAN WORLD…welcome(again). Well, today was just like that , one minute I’m in a spinning tunnel and the other realising “Yes, I exist”.

I know I’m supposed to be saying happy and sappy thoughts but my life just ISN’T like that, it’s imperfect and i celebrate imperfections! cause they are the only things that set us apart and present us uniquely.

Anyways, stepping away from all that inspiring stuff (oh, dear me!) life seems a bit too tiresome and slow right now. Like i have so much on my plate but i don’t wanna eat any of it and i just keep asking the poor waiter, “whats for dessert?chocolate fondue?Tiramisu?chocolate tiramisu fondue ?Whaaat??“and by the time it comes, my entire life is stuck on waiting forever.

Speaking of life, i think that there are different versions of me in different points in my day itself. Like the typical fussy me in the morning who would rather laze the day away, then the emoji me who’s on her phone till her mom yells.

The smiley-smiley me seeing my delicious breakfast. The here-goes-another-day me while going to school. bouncy in school, yawning and (only in my favorite classes) attentive, let’s-do-this girl while hitting balls in squash. Cranky in dinner and where’s-the-T.V person at night.

What are your different versions ?I’d like to know- COMMENT!!! That’s probably enough for  a day also considering the fact that my sister’s eating my head!( and YOUtube’s waiting!).CHAO!


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