Just like a LEMONade

You know how most people decide on themes for their blogs to make it exciting and more attractive?  Well, i thought about it for ages..and ended up where i started. So, i thought Hey, what’s a better topic to write than my life? I mean sure, it isn’t like I’m Indiana Jones or anything but there’s much i can tell.

Anyways, speaking of exciting and an adventure-packed life ,when i think of one, a life of freshness like a lemonade comes to mind. Some tanginess, sweetness , lip-smacking … (specially the sweet ones , they’re so yum! and the pink and blue….) Ok! back to the point.I went to one of my favourite shopping spots today just to view!!

I mean okay, sometimes i do go overboard with H&M but which girl can hold back now, right? I got so frustrated “just viewing” that i ended up with something my mom calls ” grumpy girl“.I mean buying no coffee either? why oh, why? okay… i am getting a little too distracted

.I’m mostly a keen swimmer but have been playing squash in my neighbourhood club recently for the past few days and have grown keen interest. My dad joins me on weekends but he usually goes in the morning. We have matches and (of course, he usually wins) but i play like a mad tiger ( or mental lion, could go either ways).

I feel a little weird at times during holidays cause i am used to a WHOLE LOT of homework during hols. And when i start stressing over it i remember “man, you don’t even have homework!”and feel like i got lifted off from a burden that wasn’t even there!

Yes’ thats stupid but seriously where would we with just perfection.I mean okay, no worrying about marks or anything but what’s the fun in that?, it’ll be just so boring!( but perfection in maths … I’m up for it!! first me!).

Wouldn’t this world be so much better if we were all just cartoons. I mean we could design our own life, draw (and eat) pizzas in breakfast , lunch and DINNER! how cool is that? We could pop up money at any time, create even the wildest of creatures and so muCH MORE! I mean a whole world of creativity could open! It would be awesome! There’s not much left of today so toodle-do!!!


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