Carry smart, travel light

Hey! Are you planning a vacation to go trekking or how about a view of the waterfall? Well, you’ve got to take your lucky boots though its summer and those fancy pants when you’re going to be camping in the wilderness. What’s that? TOO MUCH? well, here’s how to make sure you have a comfortable journey without fretting that you left your comfortable and favourites behind.umbrella.jpg

1- LOOK AT THE MAP– packing should be done keeping in mind where you’re off to, even if you feel you ought to carry a raincoat to protect yourself from water if you’re going near a river or waterfall, think once more. You know your family and friends are gonna dip in the water sooner or later why waste time in that? Or if you’re going to a new country and feel that you need to carry almost the house with you in case of an emergency..NO! Remember there are shops in foreign lands too, though you may not find the same quality or brand there, your necessities will surely be met, don’t go scrambling after your wants.

2-BACK TO THE TUMMY-On of the main issues of travelling is food, its an ever worse scenario if you’re allergic to some things.So,don’t go around carrying food in boxes and boxes instead research and set up list of things you think you will be comfortable with and stick to them, if you do find food you are tempted to outside of your knowledge never hurts to ask for the ingredients!

3-PENS AND PENCILS- mostly during journeys many attempt to write their experience down and carry huge diaries and collection of pens and stickers, when… don’t you think a travelogue would be a much better idea? Take a small pocket book that doesn’t require much space and seriously one pen will do and fill it up with tags and memoirs from there.

4-PACKING OR STUFFING?– there are many videos on smart packing and fitting a whole set of clothes in a tiny space but one of the most reliable methods is -ROLLING, no matter jeans or t-shirts just by rolling them up it will not only create a lot more space and help you to  just give carry just one suitcase or bag  but save all the crumbling and leave your important office shirts and pants , crisp and new!

5-BE FRESH EVERYWHERE– its not important to carry soap bars and shampoos to our choice just cause it suits your hair perfectly or has a good smell, COME ON! you’re going for a holiday to a hotel or bed and breakfast not a dumpster ! Why do you want to increase your bag’s weight by adding shampoo and conditioner bottles when there will be some there already!

6-JACKETS AND BOOTS– now if you’re going to a humid place, there’s no question of carrying them at all, THE END. But if you ARE going to a cold place a jacket might be enough, sure if that place is going through some freezing conditions ,clothing will be available, don’t layer up, and this way you’ll have room for souvenirs too (including jackets).

7- WORLD WIDE WEB– usually we tend to carry our phone (always), a laptop, an iPad and  if that wasn’t enough an Apple Watch. know what? why don’t you buy the entire Apple Store?! I mean I simply don’t see the need of carrying your iPad if you have your laptop. You can download PPT and word in your iPad then why a laptop?, if you are going for official work and need your laptop for use then there’s no need to take your iPad for games, FaceTime when you can do all that in your phone as well! As for kindle, rethink about it, after So much of travelling and working, will you really read?

8- POINTS TO BE NOTED -make sure that for minimisation of clothing, stick to these guidelines and have each piece qualify atleast 3 of these:

  • Comfortable for touring around, but can be dressed up for the evening
  • Is appropriate for cool or warm weather
  • Doesn’t show stains
  • Folds up small
  • Coordinates well with almost everything else you’re bringing

(guidelines by -Netanya Trimboli, Communications Manager at Hostelling International USA)

9- DOUBLE DUTY– always carry objects or clothing that can perform a double duty. For example a pair of shoes that I can take to run or hike but also wear for a casual meeting. OR a towel-substance based cloth for instance can serve as a towel, carpet, table cloth, face massager and so much more! Keeps your options to every possibility but objects to a minimum.

10-MINI CUPBOARD– while storing your clothes, pack them vertically making it look like a filing cabinet. This way not only do you not have to take all your clothes out to see what   matches and what doesn’t , but it helps give you an easy overview of all the pair of jeans, tops and skirts you have. To go further, you could stack them in a colour-code manner, or clothing type, its your mini- cupboard after all!

Find a very flexible and important checklist here:

Your travelling checklist



darkness before the spotlight

So, after a few inspiring blogs , I’m here with some exciting news:  I‘m going to do a travel blog for 2 weeks on Spain! 🇪🇸  So, Im going to do it from 27th June to 11th July, its going to be a mix-up between blogging and travelling but anyway.

Back, to the blog:

When you look at a celebrity the first thought that comes to anybody’s mind is : THEY’RE SO LUCKY simply for the reason that they are famous and rich but what we forget is that they have a life beyond cameras and interviews, and that life for everyone hasn’t been the smoothest one . Many have slept in their car, struggled to keep a dime in their pocket and mostly, faced rejection all the time. Read on about them and get inspired!

1- J.K ROWLING- This strong- hearted woman could barely afford to feed her baby after a divorce in 1994, just three years before she published her best-sellers, she was so poor she couldn’t afford a computer or even the cost of photocopying the 90,000-word novel, so she manually typed out each version to send to publishers. It was rejected many times before a small London publisher’s eight year old daughter fell in love with it.jk

2-TYLER PERRY– This famous director, writer and actor went through a rough childhood being physically and sexually abused and getting kicked out of high school, he tried to commit suicide twice until In 1992 he wrote, produced, and starred in his first theater production, I Know I’ve Been Changed , somewhat informed by his difficult upbringing .His shows failed one after another until his seventh show was finally a success and he went on to have an amazing career and being called Forbes’s highest paid man in entertainment in 2011.

tyler perry.jpg

3-EMILY BLUNT– This famous actress wen through a major stutter during her teenage years and thought she would never be able to carry a normal conversation with anyone. That is until she was encouraged by one of her junior high teacher to participate in the school play, try different accents and character voices to get her voice out, she was totally uncomfortable at first due to her lack in communication but by the end of her teens she had overcome her stutter and was on her path to the successful career she has now.blunt

4-OPRAH WINFREY– Oprah went through a lot before being welcomed on stage, like going through weight criticism and racism in public light .If you think that was bad, she faces tremendous obstacles while growing up, she was a victim of sexual abuse and was repeatedly molested by her uncle, uncle and family friend . In fact, things got so bad she ended pregnant at the age of 14, after her baby died after two weeks.But Oprah, strong-willed continued to finish high school as an honours student, earned a full-scholarship to college and from a local network anchor in Nashville and became an international superstar and creator of her OWN network.


5-JIM CARREY– After his Dad lost his job when he was fourteen, his family hit rough times and lived in a van in their neighbour’s garden. This young comedian even took a-8-hours-a-day -factory-job when he was 10  just to make ends meet. This young man was so dedicated to his art that despite the circumstances he mailed his resume to The Carroll Burnett Show, though he didn’t make it.After bombing his shoes a few times when he was fifteen he dedicated his entire life to comedy and quit school at sixteen.He moved to LA later and wrote himself a check for $10,000,000 for “Acting Services Rendered,” which he dated for Thanksgiving 1995. Just before that date, he hit his payday with Dumb and Dumber and put the deteriorated check, which he’d kept in his wallet the whole time, in his father’s casket.


6-STEPHEN KING-This author was living in a trailer with his wife when he had started to write.He worked multiple jobs to support his family and follow his calling.When he first submitted his work, it was rejected too many times that he ended up collecting all the rejection slips.In fact, he said in one of his interviews that these slips were supported by a spike as even a nail was not able to sustain.After receiving 60 rejections , he finally published his first story for $35. His best-seller to date wasn’t a hit a first, Carrie didn’t become a hit until Signet books signed on the paperback rights for $400,000 and 200,000 of which went to King. And after that, was the path to success!


stephen king

So, you see when you know the destination WHERE, you don’t have to worry about the time WHEN but just concentrate on the journey HOW and then  no matter how many roadblocks come your way, you will be there and you WILL stand with pride.

why should you not cry…

This is not a blog exactly, today just a small message.

Why should you not be depressed right now, cry your eyes out right now, feel bad about the slippery rain or torching sunshine? Well, here’s why..

YOU’RE ALIVE! you are the most beautiful, unique and amazing thing on this planet. There has never been anyone like you on Earth nor will there ever be, YOU are a miracle. The way your eye sees the world , it has never been been seen like that before, the way you discover and wander  amongst this land , it has never been walked upon like that, ever.

This world may seem short to you right now: just your house, your park, school/office and your society but thats just a tiny fleck on this planet. There’s so SOO much more to discover, to be happy about. There are sites galore to make your eyes pop out, people waiting to touch your lives and lands to forever connect to.

So, don’t just sit in that one room , crying over something that won’t matter after a while,We’ve all been taught to learn from our mistakes but if we won’t move on how will we make new ones? How will we Stand on our feet and take a step ahead to our dreams?

You’re feeling down now but I’m assuring you, You will be fine, you will smile and laugh and live a life to remember.It’s said really wisely and rather in an amazing manner said in one of my favourite songs:

 "When thunder clouds start pouring down
Light a fire they can't put out
Carve your name into those shinning stars
Go venture far beyond the shores.
Don't forsake this life of yours.I'll guide you home no matter where you are." spark

So, go and live a life you will remember, go be the best of you, shine in this shining world and raise that spark into lightning so anyone thinks twice before dealing with this lightning don’t become a sparkless nobody that anyone can play around with.

set a mark, BE YOU , BE HAPPY , BE SOMEBODY!


How To Deal With Siblings!

I’m sure all of us have been in situations where the younger kid destroys everything and you get the blame for not being “responsible” enough or having  a second parent, a brother or sister boss over you at times. Well, sisters and brothers can be a headache  at times, no matter they live with you or are your cousins . Here are some easy tips to handle them and enjoy the experience without being a nanny or being bossed.

  1. First and foremost – GET OUT OF YOUR  COMFORT-ZONE  we have to put them first and create a scenario which they can adjust to and one that doesn’t cross your boundaries either.A pillow fight once in a while to get messy is okay older ones and playing a video game instead of jumping about might be fun once in a while, younger siblings.im12.  LOOK FOR COMMON GROUNDS- It’s always better to do something you both can laugh at. If your sibling loves to doodle and scribble random things, maybe you could join them and draw funny things to laugh your hearts out at. If they like to write stories , how about a game of pretend to bring  them to life and  fulfil each one’s desire.im33. BACK OUT WHEN THINGS HEAT UP-  It is the worst cat and dog fight when siblings start to fight. It’s best to back out when you know you both are just uselessly fighting and its not leading anywhere. This might show your sibling that its time to apologize and admit afterall.im54. BE IN-CHARGE…of yourself! – We tend to take charge most of the time, whether we are the younger or older one , we always want things our way, the trick to this is to do what we want to do but not force them to follow our lead, instead it’s  simple and straight to just listen to their role and make sure you keep your peace in their job and they in yours.D-O-N-E.



5. PICK UP WHEN THEY  FALL- By helping out your siblings out it always improves your relationship.Look for simple opportunities like getting water for them, helping them to bake, math homework help, should do the trick and most importantly helping them out in sticky situations where they could really use a hand.

im4.jpg6. STAND ON THE LINE- It’s better to stand on the line of reassurance than stand outside and make them feel lonely or march in and make them feel uncomfortable. Like when you see your brother or sister having a fight as an elder sister you should ask them if they need help and assist them but never take charge of their  friendship and make them feel like you’re controlling their life.And as a younger one, asking about their day is assuring but reading their diaries and invading their personal life is just not right.


7. TRUCE- Sometimes when siblings annoy you so much that you’re just about to burst……..take a deep breath and deal with us like a businessman: MAKE A TRUCE: like how about they allow you to see a little extra T.V for a week and you’ll do their homework for a week or if you make the bed the bed for a day , they’ll give you more marshmallows. These sort of deals help build an understanding amongst each other and make your bond stronger.im8So, thats about it. Now to tell you the truth ,  sisters and brothers will always be a challenge and at times we might feel like tearing our hair out but those hugs and kisses that we share make it WORTHWHILE and this makes this  adventure the sweetest. And here’s a future prediction: You will never EVER find someone like your siblings who’ll be on your side even if the world isn’t cause they’re the only ones who are not just your relatives but your best friends (and enemies at times) and you’ll all share a beautiful life together.

TO BE continued…

Sometimes words can flow better through music. Sometimes  a beat can sound better in rhythm.You just have to be swept away, go deep ,go deeper but flow.”

This may not be the wisest quote (mostly cause its written by me) but it describes today’s blog completely.

Taking a view of my previous blog , I decided to PUBLISH a small piece of lyrics inspired by that topic yet  a little diverse on that area, Its a little different for bloggers to write lyrics on their blog. But my blog is all about CHANGES, right? So, here goes…freedom


Do you think you’re being pulled into nothing?                                                                                                                     Why do you feel much but say nothing?                                                                                          

All those moments when you closed your door                                                                                        Listen to your heart and to no-one anymore.

That shoe you left stranded on the stairs                                                                                                   You asked for love but got useless airs.

When it seemed liked the end and no light was visible                                                                 Flash a wide smile, why so dull?                                                                                                                                           

Dance to your beat and wave a hand,                                                                                               twist and turn like time never ran.

Your soul is screaming yet you are quiet,                                                                                         your stomach’s hungry for more, why are you trying to hide?

CHORUS: Threads roll and roll but no-one ever catches,                                                                       people talk and talk but no idea ever hatches!

Those knots are tied by speed breakers .                                                                                                                                         Those threads are caught by game-changers

When you feel like the world’s so alone and big,                                                                                    like  you’re a forgotten card in a card deck,

Why don’t you push yourself beyond the line                                                                                 a whole world awaits just for you to design.

Make the steps count but don’t stop on one                                                                                     Don’t just take steps, its’s your time to run                                                                                       

No-one touched chandeliers without crying on the bare floor,                                                   no-one found happiness with waiting a little more…                                                                     

Pick up your pen and start writing,                                                                                                   Its a story to share and all yours to sing.


Catch those threads and leave a mark,                                                                                                                                                  its a shining world, it just takes a spark.

Tighten those knots , Raise your head higher.                                                                                 Be someone you would really admire.



Girls with open hair, and knots

No! Stop! Don’t just limit yourself into thinking she’s just a girl with open hair, she has open wings , an open mind and most of all OPEN EYES.

The girl I’m talking about here knows her way and doesn’t need a man to depend on, she does what she believes is right. She loves criticism as it shows her different aspects of the world but never lives upon them. She won’t stop eating cheese or mayonnaise just because it’ll make her fat, she wants to show the world her inner beauty and feels that expressing herself as  skinny and beautiful might awe the audience but will never make them understand her.

There’s another girl as well, unfortunately her beautiful flowing hair is always tied in knots. She dreams and dreams about the things she wants to do but is led by other’ s wills. She stands with no confidence and criticism is her biggest enemy as she believes she’ll never fit in her society. She eats and talks less, keeping her thoughts to herself afraid the world will judge her. She thinks only a man can lift her and needs a shoulder to  always stand with.

The open-haired girl sees beauty in truth and appreciates all that has been given to her. She is a risk-taker yet knows the importance of understanding your decisions.

The tangled hair girl knows her rights from wrong yet is always forced to hold the wrong’s hand. Risks and adventures are not her cup of tea as she sees it as an opportunity to invite danger itself rather than something fun. She knows she has her own mind and power to lead her life yet puts her life’s remote control in other’s hands.

The free-willing girl dances to her own music and  is always curious to explore, she sets no boundaries, therefore, never crosses them at all. She believes with  so much given to us in the world it is our responsibility to share our joy with ones who live under our shadows .She thinks of rules as warning signs saying “DO NOT ENTER”, and is never able to resist one. She feels that even if  a single tree is cut to give way to an entire forest, it is not worth it as life is the best gift given to anyone and EACH soul matters.

The limited girl isn’t allowed to soar as she is trapped in land, she isn’t allowed to discover or explore as she is not expected to want more from ever-giving Earth. She is captured by her feelings so much , she is never able to share love and compassion with others.  Doors and paths are just reminders to her about her restrictions and limits.Even though, she sees love in each soul and body on land she never raises her voice to support them.

The stubborn girl will ask for something even if the world says no as she believes this is her path, she never keeps her head down, instead looks up to the world in the eye . She doesn’t care if people  talk about her style or attitude badly. This is HER, it’s HER life, these are HER choices and HER path, she doesn’t need anyone who doesn’t even have the slightest knowledge about her judge her. If she is wrong, SHE will face the consequences alone and if right, she alone will stand in utmost pride. This is her world, her oyster and she’ll fill it with pearls.

The weak girl wants to ask a million questions, a whole world resides in her yet she doesn’t speak a word , she keeps her head down unable to ask,”why?”. She follows everyone’s commands as she wants to be kept out of gossips and talks. She keeps thinking why did i step on this planet , the answer that she keeps pushing out her mind ,”to live Your life in your beauty” as it is something that she’ll forever believe yet never be able to step one step ahead by her own when she wants to run for miles and miles on end. She wants to be incharge of herself yet is played around like a ball. This girl, though weak, will find her way one day that’s what she believes , without a hand, a shoulder or another mind. She will lead her own trail and will be stronger than ever, her now whispers will be a shrilling loud voice then.

It is rightly said by  J.R.R. Tolkien,   “My friend, you had horses, and deed of arms, and the free fields; but she, being born in the body of a maid, had a spirit and courage at least the match of yours. Yet she was doomed to wait upon an old man, , and watch him falling into a mean dishonoured dotage; and her part seemed to her more ignoble than that of the staff he leaned on.”

The girls with knotted hair have dreams, aims , curiosity, will, yet lack the strength as it is drained out of it by others. I wrote this article in a shivering state, thinking i cry over not getting freedom to stay up at night , when they cry for not getting freedom to live their life, to stand up , to colour their own colours and not use someone else’s hand. What they need is not sympathy not another hand but a voice encouraging them to get up ONCE AND FOR ALL. A 14 year old girl like me can just write articles but you , YOU can bring light to their darkness, WILL YOU? open their knots or let them forever lie in a web of tangled hair? Make up your mind.


Sometimes you don’t HAVE to be brave!

Haven’t we all been in situations where we just want to curl into a ball and deport yourself to Mexico (or if you’re Mexican) to the other part of the world. I’ve been in one of these situations and i know you feel like being invisible at such moments.

Now there are many ways to make these awkward moments a little less awkward.

Like we could just walk away and pretend nothing happened, which may seem the best way out for the current situation but you’re gonna really gonna regret it later. When you meet that person a second time, you’ll resort to measures such as hiding or probably avoiding that place altogether.Now, you see you could’ve just finished the whole case the first time but by stretching it by days, you’ve created more obstacles for yourself.

Another way to avoid these situations is to  always have your phone with you: Being occupied saves us from taking responsibility of the uncomfortable actions happening around us.Now that sounds good doesn’t it?Until…your phone is 10% , no internet and you will have to call somebody very important after a while? In those amazing situations you sit staring  a black screen acting like is the most important job of the world ,that totally makes situations less awkward, huh?

How about just saying “I seriously can’t hear you” three times than just saying “yes, absolutely”cause that it what will bring your troubles knocking on your door.Now, this is one solution which i actually consider worth enough to be on the list .I  mean, okay it does become really annoying for the person speaking but what if they said something like “I feel really depressed because of this day, do you feel i deserve to feel bad about myself and worthless? and you thought she was singing and realise she just threw a question at you, so you go , “Yes, absolutely”.and thats IT! Just by saying “I BEG YOUR PARDON?” would’ve saved you your life and your dear friendship.

The hand-clenching moment when you and your friends or relatives say your good byes and end up walking on the same track.So its  better to  choose the other way before . to avoid  another round of awkward goodbyes.

This is one everyone can relate to, when in karaokes or just singing among a group, we get carried in the flow by the song and everyone’ s joining in a loud voice when …when OH NO! you end up singing the wrong lyrics out loud. And everyone just stops and looks at you while you face another round of complete embarrassment. A way to avoid this is to know either the song very well, with the beats and verses or know yourself , that this may be your jam but there’s no harm with letting everyone else lead.

We face many uncomfortable situations while we’re guessing something about a stranger. The knack , my friend is to NEVER EVER guess but comb it another way. For example- It is a Rule of embarrassment to NEVER,EVER guess a woman’s pregnancy. Its is better to let the woman bring it up herself than finding out she’s without a child and you without your common sense.

Another guess should never be made about anyone’s gender. Why make anyone feel insecure about themselves? If you are curious though, you could ask for their name and if also confuses you, you could use common names  for calling that  person like: dude or guys .

It is always better to have the phone in your hand while showing pictures to someone as everyone has those weird selfies in their phone that they’d rather keep to themselves. You really don’t want sneaky Tom exposing your whole gallery now, do you?

Now , really i could go on and on about situations like these cause we face them almost everyday. But if there’s anything i’ve learned from these situations is SOMETIMES YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE BRAVE, REALLY!

Are we running or is the time?

Aern’t we all this rabbit? Even though we don’t admit it? We’re all time freaks: Worrying that we won’t finish a project on time, we’ll be left behind in our class, we’ll miss the time of our favourite TV show, I mean at that point we really become that rabbit.

This isn’t all bad i mean i feel good at times when I’m busy, like I’m being productive. The big problem, however is when we have too much time in our hands to do anything. Now usually when I’m free i do what any teenager would do, search for what to do when you’re bored videos.

One of the main suggestions given are: BAKE : now the moment i step into the kitchen my mom will burst me with questions like “what do you want?” and when i tell her i want to bake a cake, perhaps , she  will either say “why you just had lunch like an hour ago”, “We’ll make it some other time.” and the worst, the blame game “I told you to eat your food properly, I’ll make some more food for you.” So that is pretty much crossed out the list.

The next one up is STYLING : The best i’ll ever   exactly come close to “relaxing myself” with cosmetics is putting nail polish and thats it.THE END.

Another amazing suggestion is to DECORATE MY ROOM , I know there’s a lot i can do in this area, so i start with enthusiasm and pump up with music and all , you know get in the flow. I start with rearranging my pillows and putting some pens in containers and arranging all the buttons , clips and all into boxes and think about the positioning of my bed, table and chairs …..until….wait? which song is playing? and thats it, i’m distracted finding this amazing song I’ve discovered, spreading the news and eventually sticking to YOUtube for the rest of the day, but mom if you’re reading this i totally clean my room before!

There are so many more tips like: go out for a jog and I’m like man, i live with something called PLANS which never applies to life but only in workouts and have you seen the weather ? not even birds are not JOGGING on our roofs!

Till this point, you’re probably wondering do you have a solution or not? OF COURSE i do, i come packed with solutions (sure). This is what i call old school solutions:

1) take a book you love, read it again or search for new books and get some nice coffee with it, that should take you atleast 2 hours.

2)Find a new NETFLIX series: I mean I’m sure Riverdale season 2 is gonna come out anytime (please!!!).

3) go and find some new hobby like I’m playing guitar more often now and it really helps cover time (specially if you’re interested). Maybe an instrument or write a song (one of my favourites too),start a trend.

4) Start going through a new language, now i know you’re thinking more work?right? WRONG. This will help you to say it in your daily speech and believe me things get a lot cooler from here.And the last and hopefully not the least:

5) Start presenting yourself to the world, not just through social sites but like make a video, express yourself, prepare a dance or better yet START BLOGGING, seriously this has definitely taken up a lot of my time and gives me something to look forward to each day, I mean what have you got to lose?right?

Well, make sure time doesn’t slip out of your hands and get a grip on your life. its NOW OR NEVER! AU REVOIR!!!

Sugar? Yes, please!


This should hopefully help me calm down and probably you too (if you’re having a stressful day). You know those moments when you get out of your bed and your head just spins, everything seems a blur and after a second there you are! BACK TO THE HUMAN WORLD…welcome(again). Well, today was just like that , one minute I’m in a spinning tunnel and the other realising “Yes, I exist”.

I know I’m supposed to be saying happy and sappy thoughts but my life just ISN’T like that, it’s imperfect and i celebrate imperfections! cause they are the only things that set us apart and present us uniquely.

Anyways, stepping away from all that inspiring stuff (oh, dear me!) life seems a bit too tiresome and slow right now. Like i have so much on my plate but i don’t wanna eat any of it and i just keep asking the poor waiter, “whats for dessert?chocolate fondue?Tiramisu?chocolate tiramisu fondue ?Whaaat??“and by the time it comes, my entire life is stuck on waiting forever.

Speaking of life, i think that there are different versions of me in different points in my day itself. Like the typical fussy me in the morning who would rather laze the day away, then the emoji me who’s on her phone till her mom yells.

The smiley-smiley me seeing my delicious breakfast. The here-goes-another-day me while going to school. bouncy in school, yawning and (only in my favorite classes) attentive, let’s-do-this girl while hitting balls in squash. Cranky in dinner and where’s-the-T.V person at night.

What are your different versions ?I’d like to know- COMMENT!!! That’s probably enough for  a day also considering the fact that my sister’s eating my head!( and YOUtube’s waiting!).CHAO!

Just like a LEMONade

You know how most people decide on themes for their blogs to make it exciting and more attractive?  Well, i thought about it for ages..and ended up where i started. So, i thought Hey, what’s a better topic to write than my life? I mean sure, it isn’t like I’m Indiana Jones or anything but there’s much i can tell.

Anyways, speaking of exciting and an adventure-packed life ,when i think of one, a life of freshness like a lemonade comes to mind. Some tanginess, sweetness , lip-smacking … (specially the sweet ones , they’re so yum! and the pink and blue….) Ok! back to the point.I went to one of my favourite shopping spots today just to view!!

I mean okay, sometimes i do go overboard with H&M but which girl can hold back now, right? I got so frustrated “just viewing” that i ended up with something my mom calls ” grumpy girl“.I mean buying no coffee either? why oh, why? okay… i am getting a little too distracted

.I’m mostly a keen swimmer but have been playing squash in my neighbourhood club recently for the past few days and have grown keen interest. My dad joins me on weekends but he usually goes in the morning. We have matches and (of course, he usually wins) but i play like a mad tiger ( or mental lion, could go either ways).

I feel a little weird at times during holidays cause i am used to a WHOLE LOT of homework during hols. And when i start stressing over it i remember “man, you don’t even have homework!”and feel like i got lifted off from a burden that wasn’t even there!

Yes’ thats stupid but seriously where would we with just perfection.I mean okay, no worrying about marks or anything but what’s the fun in that?, it’ll be just so boring!( but perfection in maths … I’m up for it!! first me!).

Wouldn’t this world be so much better if we were all just cartoons. I mean we could design our own life, draw (and eat) pizzas in breakfast , lunch and DINNER! how cool is that? We could pop up money at any time, create even the wildest of creatures and so muCH MORE! I mean a whole world of creativity could open! It would be awesome! There’s not much left of today so toodle-do!!!